Monday, December 21, 2009

Decorating with Silk Plants

Is your home or workspace screaming for some color or a facelift but your budget is tight or lacking? Sometimes a bit of greenery can be a beautiful alternative. Silk plants can supply a lovely new visual treat at a very small cost compared to other choices such as a home make-over or painting. Locating near a window to capture sunrays or setting off with indoor spotlighting will bring rave reviews. Adding silk plants to your existing home decor can bring a wonderful tropical appeal. We just added tons of silk plants to our inventory. Stop by and see what's new!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Quick Mattress Facts from AMC Liquidators

Replacing your mattress every 5 – 7 years ensures your mattress is providing you with the best support, as this is the normal lifespan for most mattresses.

The most common type of mattress is an Inner Spring Mattress which uses the support of tempered steel coils in a variety of configurations. Layers of upholstery provide insulation and cushioning between your body and the spring unit. The different configurations results in a wide variety of choices in comfort and support.

A good box spring is just as important as a quality mattress. You should never put a new mattress on an old box spring. When you select your new mattress, you should also purchase its companion box spring as they are designed to work best when used together. In some cases, buying the mattress without its matching box spring may affect the terms of the warranty.

Do not remove your mattress tag! Contrary to popular belief, it's not illegal to remove the law tag, but the information on the label will serve as a means of identification should you have a warranty claim.

You should rotate your mattress occasionally to help maintain and prolong the quality/comfort of your mattress. Body impressions are caused by upholstery material compressions and are normal characteristics of premium bedding. Such body impressions indicate that the upholstery layers in your mattress are conforming to your individual body shape. Body impressions up to 1-1/2" are not considered to be a structural defect.

According to one survey, the average consumer expects to pay $1,000.00 for a queen size sleep set. The average consumer ends up paying $600.00 when they leave the store. At AMC Liquidators we have Queen Mattress Sets starting for just $249!!!

Fun/Interesting Mattress Facts

The expression "sleep tight" comes from the 16th and 17th centuries when mattresses were placed on top of ropes that needed regular tightening.

The Wall Street Journal reported on February 18, 2000: "The average mattress will double its weight in ten years as a result of being filled with dust mites and their detritus."

Ohio State University experts report that a typical used mattress may have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites inside it.

Is it time to change your mattress?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How To Choose A Mattress

How do you choose the right mattress for your specific needs? It’s not an easy question to answer if you are not an expert on mattresses! We’ve all seen those TV commercials for Serta with the ‘Sleep Number Beds’ or even just come across print ads on holiday weekends for a variety of mattress brands at a local mattress retailer. While a sale price is great – you should not choose a mattress based solely on price. The most expensive mattress may not always be the best mattress for your needs and the ones on sale may not be right for your needs either! You should look at criteria including size, support, quality, firmness, and types of materials used.

Probably the most important thing to look for in a mattress is softness or firmness to ensure the support matches your needs. Try out each mattress in the store by lying down on them! Though it can be difficult to find the right mattress for a couple who has different needs, most can find a compromise with all of the choices there are on the market. In extreme situations for couples who can not agree on the same mattress, there are mattresses that offer options in adjustability for a more personalized purchase. If you are not getting the support you need while you sleep – your mattress is basically useless. It is best to do your research and shop around before making your final decision.

As a buyer, you must also consider the size of the mattress. If you are a single person, you can consider a twin size or even a full size if you need more room. A couple will usually choose a queen or a king mattress, but will sometimes choose a full size if it is a good fit with the right features. When we sleep, we all have different needs and wants when it comes to the size of our mattress. In general, wider or larger people will do better with a queen mattress or maybe even a king if extra room is a desired feature. It is even quite common for most couples to begin with a full size mattress and eventually upgrade to a queen mattress. You will want to take into consideration things such as a restless sleeper as they may need a larger mattress size in order to accommodate both people comfortably.

And because everyone is not rich, the cost of a mattress is worth mentioning. The features of your mattress are important, but it is important to get a good deal, too. The most reliable way to know if you're spending the right amount of money on your mattress is to compare prices at local retailers for the type of mattress you want.

Obviously, the quality of your mattress is very important. The higher the quality, the longer your mattress will last. You may sometimes need to compromise on quality when money is tight, but keep in mind that a lower quality mattress does wear out more quickly and you will need to replace it more quickly. Of course, this may not be your only option! Check for mattress closeouts and liquidations in your area, as you may be able to score a great mattress for a super low price. Right now, AMC Liquidators is holding a closeout event on mattresses including twin, full, and queen sized mattresses. Get all the info and pricing online at AMC Liquidators website to get your new mattress!

Friday, June 26, 2009

AMC Liquidators Interview with South Florida Live on 6/25/2009


AMC Liquidators was happy to interview with Karen Posada from South Florida Live just yesterday. The interview features the inventory of office furniture from Stanford Capital which AMC Liquidators has for sale from a recent liquidation. If you are interested in the Stanford Capital inventory or have any questions - feel free to email us at:!

Monday, June 15, 2009

What a steal! Disgraced Financier's Stuff on Sale

Article from Associated Press:

What a steal! Disgraced financier's stuff on sale

By TAMARA LUSH – Jun 15, 2009

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Sal Lazzara needed some new office furniture. Thanks to a flamboyant financier's downfall, he found a matching set with an infamous pedigree.

For $1,500, the Boca Raton restaurateur bought a maroon leather chair, a cherry-wood desk and a credenza — all once owned by Texas billionaire R. Allen Stanford, whom the Securities and Exchange Commission has accused of running a massive Ponzi scheme.

Lazzara discovered his new furnishings at AMC Liquidators — "Value in Volume" is their slogan — a South Florida company that hauled out 25 truckloads of luxury office goods from the disgraced businessman's Miami offices last week and put them on the market.

Stanford had adorned four floors in a downtown high-rise with Oriental rugs, regal marble-topped tables and leather couches. He had bronze eagles (the symbol of his company, Stanford Financial Group) and blown-up photos of Palm Beach County polo grounds that he sponsored.

From the looks of things, Stanford — or his decorator — favored dark wood, maroon leather and heavy gold picture frames. Tufted sofas, wingchairs and delicately carved occasional tables predominated. Think Queen Anne-meets-Donald Trump.

There's even a tapestry depicting Louis XIV, France's legendary 17th Century "sun king."

"The quality of this stuff is just really nice," said Lazzara, standing in the AMC showroom and patting the nearly new desk. He thinks he saved 70 percent off of retail. "I got a steal," he said.

Valued at $2 million, the bounty for sale in Fort Lauderdale was only a small part of Stanford's lavish lifestyle. In 2008, he was named the world's 605th richest person by Forbes magazine, with an estimated worth of $2 billion.

Court documents revealed details like $100 million in private jets, $100,000 weekly yacht rentals, and, in his Houston headquarters, a professional kitchen. Stanford also used the title "Sir" in 2006 after being knighted by the leaders of Antigua & Barbuda.

In his heyday, Stanford was a dominant figure in his adopted island homeland and also held considerable influence in Washington, where his campaign donations, mostly to Democrats, reached a peak as efforts to strengthen financial regulations died in the Senate.

In February, U.S. federal regulators sued Stanford, alleging that he committed fraud. He is accused of promising clients unrealistic returns on $8 billion in certificates of deposit and other financial fraud through an offshore bank in Antigua.

In March, a federal judge said the government could go after at least $226.6 million in back taxes, penalties and interest.

Stanford denies the SEC's allegations, and he has not been charged with any crimes. The chief investment officer of Stanford's parent company, Laura Pendergest-Holt, faces criminal charges of obstructing the SEC's investigation by lying about her knowledge of the firm's activities and omitting key details. Her attorney has said she was "set up" by Stanford.

Don Goldberg, a spokesman for Stanford's attorneys, said Stanford and his lawyers are "concerned" about the liquidation of the offices nationwide.

"It's part and parcel of an overly hasty effort to liquidate a viable business that viable revenues," Goldberg said.

But a federal judge in Dallas has named a receiver to liquidate the company, and the contents of Stanford offices are being sold.

That's where AMC Liquidators of Fort Lauderdale comes in.

Michael Grimme is the owner of AMC. His business specializes in emptying hotels, offices and stores of unwanted furnishings and then reselling them. Business is up in recent years due to bankruptcies and downsizing. AMC is among many companies that have flourished during the downturn because even the wealthy have fallen on hard times. Repossessors take back yachts, planes and luxury cars, and even pawn shops have seen a rise in rick folks selling items.

"Everything here has a story," Grimme said, sweeping his hand toward one of Stanford's treasures — the tapestry of King Louis XIV — and toward a $99 blue leather chair from the Lowes Hotel in Miami Beach.

Grimme said the Stanford case reminded him of other Wall Street scandals and losses, including New York financier Bernie Madoff, who pleaded guilty in March to charges his investment advisory operation was a multibillion dollar Ponzi scheme.

"A lot of my friends were targeted in the Madoff scheme, and I've lost a lot of money in my accounts, too," he said. "We were very well aware of who we were buying this inventory from. You could say, maybe it's payback time."

Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

AMC Liquidators and Stanford!

Article from

AMC Liquidators and Stanford!

LIST! Here is the INVENTORY LIST of AMC Liquidators liquidation of Stanford Capital (R. Allen Stanford) offices. AMC Liquidators has an incredible offering of all Stanford’s furnishing, so good, that AMC says it’s the best quality office furniture its carried in 10 years, with customers telling AP they saved 75% off retail in buying the prized former possessions of Stanford.

Billionaire R. Allen Stanford occupied four floors of a Miami office building when the SEC opened investigations into his alleged Ponzi operations. The furnishings now taken and that can be yours are valued at $2 million, reportedly just a fraction of Stanford’s net worth put at $2 billion by Forbes last year.

AMC Liquidators says of the sale:

“AMC Liquidators is proud to announce that we have begun the liquidation of Stanford Capital’s Miami office May 19, 2009.This inventory is the best quality office furnishings we’ve seen in our nearly 10 years in business. To view just a sampling of the 24 tractor trailer loads of top of the line office and home furnishings arriving over the next week…”

AMC has put the inventory list in PDF and warns it takes a while to open because of the huge file size:


AMC says of its operations:

“Since its inception, AMC Liquidators established itself as the premier purveyor of pre-owned high end hotel and office furniture. Our position as a leader among office and hotel furniture liquidators is well known. But as furniture, times and demands change, we have expanded our merchandise mix to meet the expectations of a changing business environment as well as attractive furnishings for the home. In addition, we now offer closeout inventories of high end furnishings and consignment goods.”

Visit AMC online here

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Liquidation Sale Sweeps Away Bank Opulence

Article from United Press International:

Liquidation sale sweeps away bank opulence

MIAMI, June 10 (UPI) -- Advertising Stanford Financial Group as the source of furniture in a Florida liquidation sale gave the sale added appeal, business owner Micheal Grimme said.

Grimme, who runs AMC Liquidators, generally keeps quiet about the source of the company's sale items, The Miami Herald reported Wednesday. But the firm's ads for 24 truckloads of tapestries, original paintings, cherry desks, and marble-topped tables that once belonged to the collapsed international bank touted the source proudly.

"It has that panache to it," Grimme said.

Stanford Financial Group collapsed amid Securities and Exchange allegations that the firm sold CDs with "unsustainable" yields, then used the revenue to make risky investments.

Attorney Lawrence Sherlock said founder Allen Stanford "has not been accused of committing any crime," although Sherlock is helping Stanford fight a $100 million Internal Revenue Service tax lien.

While the bank's office furnishings are on sale around the country, Grimme estimated the haul from the company's Miami offices is worth about $2 million.

"I think the investment in art was ridiculous," said his wife, Pamela Grimme, who helps run the liquidation company. "We've got originals here -- which is scary," she said.

© 2009 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

How to Choose an Area Rug

A number of considerations surround area rug selection including design, comfort, construction, size, materials and price. AMC Liquidators can help you with finding a variety of area rugs within our inventory to fit any decor and personal taste.

Area Rug Selection Tips

An empty room may be designed around an area rug, or a rug may put the final touches on an existing room. When designing a room around an area rug, use the rug colors to decide upon furniture, paint or paper color. A well-chosen area rug can coordinate patterns, furniture, and wall prints to complete a room design.

Furniture may be selected around rug colors and design. Area rugs are an effective method to mix patterns that have the same color palette. Deep colored area rugs provide warmth and intimacy, while lights colored rugs can open a room and provide a more spacious feeling. When selecting an area rug around existing furniture, bring a swatch of the predominant pattern in the room.

Evaluate the size of the space and the area to cover. Larger area rugs provide comfort and benefit acoustics in a large space. Area rugs also enhance areas in bedrooms, kitchens and other smaller areas that may require a splash of color or warmth.

There are a variety of area rugs made from synthetic and natural yarns. The highest quality rugs are made from wool or silk.

Machine-made area rugs are less expensive, yet similar in appearance to handmade area rugs.

Circular and other uniquely shaped rugs can present a design alternative to rectangular or square shapes.

The Space:
The type of light and amount of traffic in a room will affect choices of area rug material. Some man-made fibers resist fading better than natural fibers, so consider the amount of direct sunlight an area rug will receive.

An area rug with the right combination of pile density (closer stitches or tufts) and fiber will resist wear.

Area rug pads will reduce wear on the area rug and provide additional noise absorption.
Design Considerations
When considering a room-sized area rug for a hardwood or tile floor, allow at least eight inches of floor material to be exposed around the area rug perimeter.

In dining rooms, measure the top of the table and add four feet to the width and length. Use this measurement to determine the size of the dining room area rug. The extra footage provides a comfortable area around the table for pulling out chairs.

• Do not extend area rugs into high traffic areas.

• Divide a large space into more intimate sitting areas by placing furniture around 4'X6' or 6'X8' area rugs.

• Floral patterns can accentuate and blend with more contemporary geometric designs if the color palettes are similar.

• Pair less complicated designs with more intricate patterns.

• Small and large patterns pair well.

Check out the latest arrivals at AMC Liquidators to see a nice variety of quality pre-owned area rugs!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to Choose the Right Work Desk

Will that desk you’re thinking of purchasing suit your work style and meet your job needs? Will its size fit well within the parameters and constraints of your office or work space? Can the desk surface withstand the daily-use demands of your particular job and work environment?

These are just a few of the things you need to consider when choosing a work desk. And that’s because the right desk can aide immeasurably in accomplishing work tasks in a comfortable, ergonomic and productive manner.

Identify Just How You Will Use Your Desk

Mostly computer work:
Select a desk or workstation specifically designed for computer use. If using a PC, be sure the desk offers space or a compartment to hold the CPU underneath. Look for built-in wiring holes or channels for electrical connections; this allows for a safe way to keep cords out of your way.

Choose a desk or workstation that will have the roomiest surface possible so you can accommodate those spreadsheets, bulky books, or piles of important papers. You may also want to consider a desk with shelving or overhead cabinet space.

Combination of computer work, paperwork, meetings:
Consider an “L”-shaped desk setup to allow for both work and meeting space. If finances or space allow, a “U”-shaped model will provide even more space and makes an impressive presentation for clients or guests.

For a home work desk:
Consider a computer armoire if you want to hide work clutter in your home. “L”-shaped desks are often a good solution and fit when your work desk needs to share space in another room like a bedroom or family room.

Tight on space:
Choose a compact computer desk or mobile computer cart.

Consider Your Work Habits and Tools:

Do you consider yourself the creative-genius-messy-work type? If so, you’ll need more desk/workstation space than the neat-and-frugal type. Neat freaks may find a smaller desk sufficient for their work needs. The amount and size of tools needed within easy reach on your desk should also be a consideration when selecting a work desk.

Ergonomics and Space:

Your desk should provide clearance for your legs; standard desk heights of 29 to 30 inches from the floor are sufficient for most users. Sitting behind the desk, there should optimally be at least three-and-a half feet of space. A minimum of three feet of space should also be available in-between the desk and another piece of office furniture, and in front of the desk if you use a guest/client chair.

For computer-users, keyboards need to be placed at a comfortable height. Keyboards placed on traditional desks may be at too high a height and may result in significant discomfort or muscle strain for the user. Computer desks should either be equipped with a keyboard platform, or legs that can be adjusted. Be sure that any keyboard platform is large enough to hold a mouse.

Desktop equipment and materials should be within easy and comfortable reach, and should have sufficient space so as not to overload the desktop. If the desk has a sharp edge, consider placing a wrist pad along the edge to help prevent unnecessary pressure and pinching on the inner surface of the wrists.

Desk Surface:

Laminate is the most popular choice. A plastic finish that is applied to a wood core, laminate is affordable, durable, and withstands more than pure wood or veneer. It also comes in a wide array of colors and wood grain patterns. For a quality laminate that will better withstand daily use and abuse, look for a desk with a thick, high pressure laminate.

Metal or Steel is the most durable choice. Although not the most professional in appearance, metal or steel desks are reasonably priced and good for desks subject to long-term heavy use or for high- traffic areas. Better quality desks of this type can be assessed in part by checking and feeling the desks overall weight.

Wood or Veneer is the most elegant choice. Veneer is a thin surface layer of wood glued to a more inferior base. Wood and veneer desks generally look more attractive than other types of desk, but they are typically more expensive and considerably more delicate; they nick more easily and are not suited for rough or heavy use.

Quality and Durability:

The quality of a desk is often most evident in the construction of the drawers.
Metal suspension rollers show a sturdy suspension. Drawers should open and close easily while bearing weight. Optimally, you want the drawers to slide out to their full length to allow full and easy utilization of space.

High quality wood drawers are assembled with an interlocking (dovetail) construction; this is stronger than drawers put together with just staples or glue. With a steel or metal desk, take a look at the drawers when they’re closed. If you see a gap where the drawer meets the desk, the desk is not set right. Examine the corners and edges of a desk. You don’t want to see any fraying.

Give Your Back a Break

The Stand-up desk:
Thomas Jefferson invented it and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld swears by it. As we’ve all been told, sitting for hours at a time can wreak havoc on a person’s back, especially for individuals with existing back problems. Consider giving your back a break by using a stand-up desk, where you quite literally “stand up” while working. Many users claim this work method also makes them feel more alert and productive on-the-job. Desk stools are also available to be used in conjunction with these desks.

Today’s desk is no longer the simple table with drawers of years gone by. Take advantage of the myriad of desk choices out there; many now available at relatively reasonable prices at places like AMC Liquidators. Give some thought to the considerations listed above when selecting your next work desk. It will serve as a valuable tool in establishing a comfortable, ergonomic and productive workspace.

Friday, May 8, 2009

How to Re-Cover a Lampshade

If you want to update a lamp or just match it to your specific décor, it is very easy to quickly recover a lampshade with fabric. Doing this requires no sewing at all and as long as your lamp base is in good condition, you can have your lamp looking brand new in under 30 minutes. With the following steps and a few materials, your lamp will be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

Materials Needed:

Trim (ribbon works well for this purpose)
Fabric Glue
Brown Paper

To make a pattern to recover your lamp shade, simply lay a large piece of brown paper on a flat surface like your kitchen table. Set the lampshade down on the paper on its side with the seam side facing down. Next, roll the lamp shade along the paper as you draw a line that follows the top edge. Keep the point of your pencil on the paper as you roll the lamp shade to make a continuous line which starts from the seam and continues full circle. You will find that the lamp shade will easily curve on its own as it is rolled.

The next step is to set the lamp shade back at your original starting point, remembering to again place the seam down. You will roll the shade along the brown paper again, however, this time you will trace your pencil along the bottom edge of the shade. When you have finished making the top and the bottom lines, use a ruler to draw a straight connecting line to the ending points from the top line to the bottom line.

Cut out your paper pattern and place it on your fabric (on the wrong side/inside). Trace your pattern with your chalk. You can then cut out the pattern, being sure to add about 1/4 inch around the edges for a seam allowance. Remove the lampshade pattern from your fabric. It is important to let the adhesive dry on the fabric, then turn over the seam allowance on one side only and iron. Don’t worry about the raw edges of the top and bottom as they will be covered with trim or ribbon.

Spray the inside of your fabric with regular spray adhesive and then you can attach it to the old lampshade you are covering. Be careful as you line up the raw edge of the fabric with the seam on the shade to attach it. Work all the way around, smoothing out wrinkles as you go. A credit card works well as a smoothing tool. The adhesive will be tacky for a few minutes, to allow time for adjustments. You will finish by overlapping the raw edge with the ironed edge to give it a finished look.

Measure both the top and bottom edges of the lampshade and then add 1/2 inch to your measurements. Cut your trim piece or ribbon and attach with a hot glue gun to secure it in place. Remember to turn under the ends for a finished look and to avoid fraying in the future.

For inexpensive lighting and lamps, check out the selection at AMC Liquidators. There are many lamps and lampshades to choose from!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Time for Spring Cleaning! - 3 Tips for a “Green” Spring Cleaning This Season

We like the idea of spring cleaning for several reasons. First of all, it is a time to get organized – and who doesn’t need to do that, right? Second of all, spring cleaning can be a great time to “go green” in a wide variety of ways. With so much focus being put on the idea of being earth friendly and “going green” right now, especially because it is Earth Week, we are providing our favorite tips for a green spring cleaning this season.

Tip # 1 – Paper Recycling

If you have accumulated stacks of bills (those which you have already paid of course), receipts, outdated magazines, old newspapers, etc., now is the perfect time to get rid of them. Don’t just throw them away, though. Recycle them! Find out information about paper recycling by checking with your local county public works department. They can help you with information about local curbside recycling programs as well as community drop-off centers. Additionally, you can look under "Recycling" in your local yellow pages.

Tip # 2 – Use Green Cleaning Products

Once you have made it past the de-cluttering stage, it is time to get down & dirty and start cleaning. In terms of being green and not producing even more waste, be sure to steer clear of using paper towels. Instead, you can use old worn-out t-shirts or rags to wipe down windows and other surfaces. Using natural cleaning products is your best option, many of which you can make very inexpensively with things you already have in your pantry such as vinegar and baking soda. If you do not want to make your own products, look for biodegradable and plant-based products on the market such as Clorox's new line of “Green Works” items.

Tip # 3 – Spruce Up Your Room with Pre-Owned Furniture from AMC Liquidators

If you want to give your living space a new, fresh look to go along with your spring cleaning, why not get a few new pieces of furniture? First, if you will be getting rid of old furniture, make sure to donate it or give it away rather than putting it in the trash. Donating your furniture keeps it out of a landfill and also creates a tax deduction for you! When you are looking for new furniture pieces to replace the ones you are leaving behind, try furniture liquidators like AMC Liquidators. You can get quality pre-owned furniture at deeply discounted prices for any room in your home. While you are organizing and de-cluttering your home, check out the filing cabinets, book shelves, and other organization solutions offered at AMC Furniture Outlet!

Be sure to check out our new arrivals which are updated frequently on AMC Liquidators official website!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top 5 Tips for a Greener Earth – Happy Earth Day!

More then ever people are becoming more concerned about the future of our planet. With all of the focus on “going green”, here are five easy recycling tips that you can use to get you started on making every day Earth Day.

Cardboard Boxes

Many earth conscience people dream of one day living in a paperless world, but that may be just a dream. The experts say that paper still makes up about 35 percent of our total waste. There are many ways in which we can cut down on our paper usage. The main way is simply reusing the things we already have in our homes. For example, if you sometimes make purchases that come packaged in boxes, why not reuse them to ship an item or save them for your next big moving day? Store clothes and shoes in them until you are ready to make your next donation. Then just take the box and all the stuff straight to the donation drop off. Cardboard boxes can be flattened out and can easily be stored under the bed or in the garage, then quickly reassembled again with packing tape.

Aluminum Cans and Foil

The use of aluminum cans has been in existence since the 1800’s. Beverages began to be sold in aluminum cans in the mid 1960’s. Aluminum is probably the most recycled of all recyclables today mainly because of its value. You can actually make money by turning in used aluminum and metals to a metal recycling center.

Aluminum foil can generally be recycled with your aluminum cans however recycling centers vary in this regard so check with your local center. You can reuse aluminum foil in the home if you wash it thoroughly. It is not wise to reuse aluminum foil that has come into contact with raw meat.

Plastic Bottles and Bags

We seem to be surrounded by plastic water bottles these days. In 2006, 17 million barrels of oil were used to produce the water bottles used for that year. Most plastic bottles are made from a material called PETE or polyethylene terephthalate because of its versatility.

Most American households have a stash of plastic bags hidden somewhere in their kitchen or garage. Although most people use them daily, they rarely ever get recycled. Most recycling centers do not except plastic bags as part of its curbside pick-up program making them the number one priority for environmental waste. Most grocery stores do have a drop-off bin for plastic grocery bags, so be sure to look for them at your neighborhood store!


With each new year comes a host of new electronic gadgets such as cell phones, TV’s, computers, CD and DVD Players, video games, printers and other office machinery. If you are thinking about upgrading any of your electronics, be sure to either donate the old ones or take them to the recycling center instead of tossing them out into the garbage.

Automotives and Household Appliances

Some of the largest items to hit our landfills are old tires, car batteries, auto bodies, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and furniture. All of these items can either be repurposed or taken to a recycling center in your local area.

We hope you will take Earth Day as an opportunity to start reducing, reusing, and recycling! AMC Liquidators is excited to help celebrate Earth Day by offering several choices in pre-owned furniture which keeps it out of landfills! Remember, AMC Liquidators Furniture Outlet also offers furniture repair, refinishing, and restoration to help you recycle your old furniture, too. Be sure to check out our website for more information and to view our current inventory.

Monday, April 13, 2009

DIY HGTV Inspired Room Makeover!

Hey, not everyone can get on HGTV to get a room makeover. But everyone deserves to have stylish rooms in their homes that are also functional and enjoyable to live in. If you are a fan of HGTV and love the moment of the reveal, AMC Furniture Outlet can help you with your own DIY HGTV Inspired room makeover – for a fraction of the price!

Take a look at the photo below from an “after” picture of an HGTV makeover and then below you will see some similar pieces of furniture that you can find right here at AMC Furniture Outlet.

A stylish arm chair can be the perfect piece of furniture to finish the room!

Now take a look at some very stylish and similar chairs which can be found at AMC Liquidators Furniture Outlet:

AMC Liquidators has many great accent pieces to pull your room together for budget friendly prices. If you are looking for a table, a chair, a rug, artwork, or other piece for your space – stop by one of our stores and take a quick look at what we have. Chances are you will find something you like!

Monday, March 30, 2009

AMC Liquidators Now Offers Furniture Restoration and Repair Services March 30, 2009 -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Michael Grimme
3705 W. Commercial Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Phone: 888.762.7060

AMC Liquidators Now Offers Furniture Restoration and Repair Services

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – March 31, 2009 – AMC Liquidators, the premier South Florida furniture liquidation company for businesses, hotels and health care facilities, has expanded its business operations to include custom furniture restoration and furniture repair. As a service that has been done internally for many years, AMC intends to use its expertise in furniture restoration to help customers bring new life to old furniture pieces.

As the only furniture liquidator in the South Florida region to deal in quality pre-owned furniture as well as closeouts of new furniture items, AMC is in the perfect position to offer these new services to its customer base. Furniture restoration and repair is a great way to save money in comparison to purchasing new furniture and it is an environmentally friendly practice that is becoming more popular among businesses and individuals nationwide. Mike Grimme, CEO of AMC Liquidators states: “We’ve been restoring furniture for ourselves for years. Now we are providing the service for our customers who are looking to stretch their dollars and to be environmentally friendly. They are coming to us to provide the service because they know that we are passionate about doing things right and hitting our deadlines.”

These services include restoring a once beautiful finish, color matching to an existing furniture set, replacement of missing or broken parts, the repair or replacement of worn upholstery, refinishing surfaces with a more modern look, the addition of decorative and custom details, the restoration of antique finishes, and more. The original beauty and functionality of your old furniture pieces can be reclaimed and AMC Furniture Restoration Services is the best choice to get the job done right for an affordable price.

AMC Liquidators is well-known in the liquidation business as a company that focuses on hotel liquidations, asset recoveries, salvage operations, office furniture liquidation and removal of excess inventory. The company’s retail locations offer upscale furniture and home accessories purchased from major manufacturers, hotels, businesses and designers. Furniture and accessories from many of the largest names in the hospitality industry and goods from high-end furniture manufacturers are sold at deeply discounted prices.

For information: or
Phone: 888.762.7060


Monday, March 23, 2009

Restoring Your Furniture with Creative Painting

Over the years, you may have accumulated several different pieces of furniture. You may have received a few pieces here and there from family members, some from the few garage sales or yard sales you visited, and maybe even some cheap pieces that you bought when you got your first place after moving from your parents’ home. Obviously, this furniture is completely mismatched, and instead of throwing it out or leaving it by the curb for neighborhood treasure hunters to get a hold of, why not try having it painted to match?

By having a professional team handle your furniture restoration, you will not only be saving money by renewing what you already have instead of buying new, but you will also be doing your part in taking care of the environment and doing something “green” by not creating more garbage. When we mention painting your furniture, we are not speaking of staining. There are very beautiful painting techniques that can be used so that the paint and the designs created are matched perfectly from one piece of furniture to the next. The design is your choice and decision as is the color you would like to paint the pieces of furniture. Decoupage can be done to add a floral pattern if you’d prefer. Also, a design to match the molding on the modern pieces you already have can be added to the mismatched pieces. You will be thrilled to see the difference this can make! There are so many different techniques that can be used to paint your wood furniture. Our special team uses rubber stamps, pigment inks, embossing powders, watercolors, paper, sandpaper, decoupage glue, decoupage varnish, tack cloth, embossing heat tools, and wood paints all to embellish and brighten your furniture.

AMC Furniture Outlet has recently added this service, and we have hired a team of professionals to take care of your furniture painting needs. These individuals are eager to customize the painting designs of your choice. They have a complete portfolio of ideas to accommodate you with to give you an idea of the vast array of art they can perform. If you want your pieces to have a luscious lacquer finish, a beautiful design, and last for many more years to come, then call us for more information about this added service. Look at the pictures below as an example of furniture that has been painted to match! You can contact us directly at 888-762-7060 or via our website. Remember, you are doing your wallet and the earth a big favor, not to mention giving your home a newer, warmer feeling!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Furnishing Your Rental Property

As the economy slows, you may be finding that you are having a difficult time renting out your investment properties. A good way to get renters in the door is to provide a fully furnished home. This provides added value and can be done on a shoe string budget if you look to furniture liquidators such as AMC Liquidators.

Furniture liquidators are great places to start when looking to furnish your seasonal or rental income properties. You won’t need to pay high prices for brand new furniture, because furniture liquidators have quality pre-owned furniture in excellent to like-new condition for less! Also, they tend to have brand new furniture which is received from furniture store closeouts. The prices of furniture from a furniture liquidator store are phenomenally lower than brand new retail store furniture. Sometimes it is as much as 90% percent off retail prices. You will save money by not having to ship or drive your furniture back and forth to each home you are living in, plus, you will reduce the amount of damage to the furniture that comes from moving location to location.

Keep in mind that your rental income properties can not only be rented more quickly, but you can actually command a higher rental amount with a fully furnished home as it allows your rental tenants to move right in without needing to go out and buy brand new furniture to furnish the home they are renting. It will increase the amount of rent you may ask to be compensated for and ultimately put more cash in your pocket each month. Basically, your new furniture will be paid off in this manner with no cost to you when it is all said and done. It’s a very attractive amenity to renters, and many are willing to pay more for this type of amenity because paying extra monthly is better than paying a lump sum amount right away to try and furnish a place that doesn’t belong to them in the first place.

To see all of the new furniture liquidation arrivals, visit AMC Liquidators now!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Benefits of Furniture Restoration and Refinishing for Home or Office

If you are furniture shopping and spending tons of time browsing advertisements for an upcoming sale or if find yourself searching store after store for furniture that fits your style – you could be wasting your time. Instead, you may want to think about what you could do with the furniture you still have at your home or office. Is it still viable furniture that is in decent condition with just a bit of wear and tear? If it is, then maybe you should think about either restoring or refinishing your existing home or office furniture. Furniture from the average, run-of-the-mill retailer is over priced and most of the time the furniture is imported and made from cheap materials such as flimsy particle or press board. These types of materials tend to get ruined easily and are typically not made to last for very long. Good quality furniture is made up of materials such as good solid woods like pine, cherry, or oak. Also, quality furniture is put together with solid nails, and not cheap replacements such as plastic anchors and drawer pulls that some furniture is being made with today.

When you decide to renew some of your well-made furniture with restoration or refinishing techniques, you are not only saving money, but you can create a whole new style. Before deciding to restore your furniture, you just need to first evaluate the pieces to ensure you are making the right decision. You should determine the age of each piece, the value of it, and what kind of finish or restoration is needed. Simple refinishing techniques or very detailed, extensive restoration can be performed depending on what is needed to make the pieces look new again.

Remember, restoring and refinishing is much more cost effective than buying new furniture. It is also better for the environment. When you decide on recycling your old furniture, be sure to choose a company that has years of experience and a professional staff such as AMC Furniture Restoration Services. Our experts can help you determine which services would be best for the type of furniture you are bringing in and can even color match if you have decided on a whole new style to match with your other house or office furniture. AMC Furniture Restoration services can also refurbish antique furniture and repair your wood furniture back to its original beauty.

If you are considering furniture restoration and refinishing for your home or office furniture, contact AMC Furniture Restoration Services today for a FREE QUOTE!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Benefits of a Quality Desk Chair

Many employees in corporate America are stuck at their desks at least six to seven hours out of their eight hour work days. Multiply that by a five day work week, and you’ve got yourself a monthly trip to the chiropractor. Companies are cutting costs where they can when it comes to the furniture they purchase to furnish the offices for their operations. In the end, the employees may suffer from various problems from sitting in uncomfortable chairs throughout the day. Many of them end up with problems such as strains in their backs, necks, or shoulders. However, there are ways that you can counter the effects of sitting in an uncomfortable chair, and creating a more comfortable and productive environment for your employees.

Companies can begin to purchase quality desk chairs with ergonomic features. These quality desk chairs were created to not only be comfortable, but also allow you to sit with the correct posture, and maintain it, so as not to strain your back, neck, or shoulders. Quality desk chairs, with ergonomic designs, will eliminate tension headaches, spinal strains, lower back pain, knee pains, sore joints, and various other ailments that are the result of sitting in a chair that was not designed to be used for all day purposes. It’s important to keep your employees at work and on the job without needing to send them home for ailments that could have been prevented by using an ergonomically designed chair. Chiropractors recommend the use of these chairs, if you are sitting on a daily basis for extended periods of time.

AMC Liquidators Office Furniture Outlet has plenty of quality desk chairs in stock, and we can assist you in furnishing your business with these desk chairs at affordable prices. We understand the costs involved with furnishing your office space, and we are happy to bring you cost-effective solutions through quality pre-owned office furniture and closeouts on new merchandise. Our company also knows that quality desk chairs, with ergonomic designs, are a bit more costly than a regular chair. However, we also know that the medical costs as the result of sitting in poor quality chairs, and the costs of your company not having the employee at work when you need them, far outweighs the costs of these quality desk chairs. We can help you stay within budget, and your employees will be comfortable, happy, and more productive each day.

You may be surprised to find out that a poor quality desk chair from a retail store can cost the same or more than a quality pre-owned desk chair or brand name closeout item from AMC Liquidators. Visit AMC Liquidators online today for quality desk chairs and other office furniture for your business!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Give Your Office A Makeover – AMC Liquidators Now Offers Custom Furniture Restoration

After awhile, it is inevitable that your office furniture will begin to look old and worn. After all, it is being used by your office personnel for eight to ten hours per day. Your office furniture may have even sustained damages from accidents that occurred while moving to a new location. Office furniture is certainly not cheap – so when your office furniture starts to look tattered and worn or if it happens to get damaged, buying all new furniture may not even be an option if it isn’t in your budget. Fortunately, you always have options.

Furniture restoration and furniture repair is now a service which is proudly being offered by AMC Liquidators. We have done this type of work for years on the furniture pieces we sell in our showrooms. Due to a high demand for these types of services, we are now offering custom furniture restoration and refurbishing to our clients, too.

AMC Liquidators & Furniture Restoration Services can give your office furniture a complete makeover and have your work space looking like new again. Our custom furniture restoration team is experienced and fully equipped to refurbish antiques, make spot repairs, and take care of any precision repairs of wood or laminate furniture surfaces as well as refinishing, polishing, and color matching.

Contact AMC Liquidators & Furniture Restoration Services today for a FREE Quote for a custom furniture restoration for your office furniture.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Design on a Dime – Furnish Your Home or Office for Less!

Buying quality pre-owned furniture is a great way of obtaining furnishings for your home immediately when you have a need for furnishing any room in your home. You may wish to use a furniture liquidator for these purposes, especially when you are in a temporary living arrangement, a brand new office space, or even if you are moving into an empty home and you have a tight budget. Any number of reasons is perfect for buying quality pre-owned furniture and it is a growing trend. Some people are simply not aware that pre-owned furniture stores and liquidation businesses even exist or are open to the public, but this growing trend offers several benefits including the ability to stage your home or to give your office a makeover on a shoestring budget. Home staging turns a regular house into a model home. Homes that are professionally staged with modern furniture generally net a considerable profit over the cost of the used furniture so it turns out to be well worth the price, even in you are not living in the property you are trying to sell.

You don’t always have to purchase new furniture with a high price tag for your space to look great. Especially when it comes to selling your home, old furnishings that you have purchased throughout the years often look dated and not at all stylish. Stylish furniture which can be picked up from a furniture liquidator such as AMC Liquidators can be used to stage a room to give potential buyers a sense of what each room can be used for. They offer quality pre-owned furniture, as well as closeouts of brand new furniture for very low prices. Lovely new furnishings can create a more contemporary atmosphere which creates a professional and upscale look to any property. This sort of atmosphere will ensure your guests (or potential buyers) feel comfortable and at ease. With the convenience and availability of furniture liquidators in your area, modern furniture designs that complement your living or office space can be purchased at a very affordable price.

You may be surprised to find out that purchasing used furniture for a home or office can be a very cost-effective option. As we are all trying to find ways to save money and yet accomplish everything that we need to, buying used furniture from furniture liquidators allows you to minimize your furniture budget by maximizing your money. Reasonable prices up to 90% off retail along with a continuously updated selection from furniture liquidators get you started on making the most of your furniture budget by providing fully furnished rooms for a very low price in comparison to buying new furniture for your rooms. Even for short or temporary stays, used furniture is much more economical and is much less of a hassle than shipping your own furniture back and forth to wherever you need to be. Especially for longer or permanent situations, buying quality pre-owned furniture is an ideal option. Furniture liquidators like AMC Liquidators allow you to quickly furnish any empty property, either home or office, or even to achieve a complete home or office makeover as you replace existing furniture. Furniture liquidators provide very quick delivery, as usually they keep their pieces in stock on site for immediate release to customers.

AMC Liquidators is a leading furniture liquidator in South Florida which can help you to reach your desired concept of interior design for any space. Increasing the attractiveness of your marketed home or creating a professional office atmosphere are just some of the results of buying used furniture from AMC Liquidators. By working together with AMC Liquidators, a new, more modern environment can be made out of any home or office. Visit AMC Liquidators online at:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

5 Tips For Home Staging To Get Your Home Sold!

5 Tips For Home Staging To Get Your Home Sold!

We all keep hearing about how the real estate market is not what it used to be and how difficult it can be to get a home sold these days. When you don’t have a choice however, and you need to get your home sold, it is essential to do all you can to make your home stand out from all of the other inventory in your local market – and to get a good price for it! One strategy that has been proven to work time and time again is Home Staging.

Although there are professional home stagers that you could hire to help, it isn’t always necessary. It is fairly simple to stage your home yourself with these easy do-it-yourself home staging tips and ideas. The main goal is to make inexpensive changes that appeal to the masses of home buyers. Have fun!

Tip # 1 – Get Rid of Clutter

As home buyers walk through your home, don’t let their judgment be clouded by your clutter. Get organized and put things away – and get rid of things you know you don’t need. You want to show your home as spacious as possible and highlight the available storage by putting it to good use. If you have clutter and unnecessary pieces of furniture in your rooms, buyers will have a harder time picturing their own furniture in those spaces. If you are not willing to part with your things, AMC Liquidators offers plenty of furniture options for storage such as cabinets and armoires.

Tip # 2 – Put on a Fresh Coat of Paint

Whether you have kept all of your walls white or painted colors to suit your own tastes, this is not what appeals to the majority of home buyers. Choose light neutral paint colors for living spaces such as beige, taupe, or grey which will add warmth and style. A toned-down neutral green or blue is said to work well for bathrooms. According to real estate experts, this very inexpensive project is a proven crowd pleaser.

Tip # 3 – Take the Time to Make Repairs

Things that are in need of repair throughout your home should not be overlooked when you want to sell your home. Even items that seem very small to you may turn off potential buyers because making repairs after purchasing a home is not only a hassle but it costs money. Take the time to replace missing pieces of baseboard, fix or replace broken door knobs, replace broken light switches, etc. This extra step goes a long way in leaving a good impression on a potential buyers as you show your home.

Tip # 4 – Replace Outdated Light Fixtures

This tip is an easy way to instantly update the look of a room without a high price tag. If you have had the same light fixtures since you moved in to your home, this is a sure sign that they are likely outdated. Take a trip to AMC Liquidators or even your local hardware store and look for modern light fixtures that may be on sale or on clearance to give your room a new style.

Tip # 5 – Replace Old Furnishings

When it comes to home staging, this is a very important detail you do not want to leave out. Home buyers need to see the potential that homes on the market have in order to picture themselves living in them. Yes – new furniture can be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be! Look to furniture liquidators such as AMC Liquidators to purchase modern, stylish furniture at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay at a furniture retailer. Furniture liquidators are a great place to find eclectic furnishings that work well together for a new design in just about any space.

Monday, January 26, 2009

How To Furnish A Dorm Room

It’s your first home away from home and you want it to look like a million bucks – but of course you don’t have a million bucks and you need to buy the best cheap dorm room furniture you can find. But where do you go for cheap dorm room furniture? There are always the tried-and-true places to look such as thrift stores and consignment shops, but have you ever considered going to a Furniture Liquidator for your dorm room furniture?

Furniture liquidators such as AMC Furniture Liquidators have great – and inexpensive - furniture in designer styles to furnish your dorm room. Furniture liquidators receive furniture from offices, hotels, and furniture retailers and they are able to sell off the furniture for a fraction of the price you’d pay anywhere else. You will find everything you need, from a bed to a desk and a dresser or mirror. Your dorm room furniture will look fantastic – but without the high price tag.

When you go to a furniture liquidator, you may not always find pieces that are exactly matching. What you will find is an eclectic mix of furniture that you can choose from to create a set that goes together. At times however, there will be lovely matching bedroom sets that come from boutique hotels that you can buy for low, low prices – including the television and mini-fridge! Your dorm room décor should reflect who you are, so take your time to find just the right items.

AMC Liquidators is a family-owned business that carries a variety of furnishings in a wide range of prices for every budget – even a college student’s budget! Pick up a cool designer lamp for under $30 or other furnishings and accessories to suit your taste. You will have your college dorm room looking like home in no time.

You can check for AMC Liquidators Blue Dot Specials on the official AMC Liquidator website. Just type "blue dot" in the keyword search for the lowest prices on everything you need for your dorm – Check back often as new items arrive constantly!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Go Green – It’s Easier Than You Think

In recent years, the concept of “going green” has not only increased in popularity in the average American home, but many companies are trying to “green it”, too. To go green makes sense, not just for the environment, but also for your company’s bottom line…as in dollars and cents. There are nearly endless possibilities for even the smallest companies to go green, and one of our best recommendations is to buy used office furniture. When you buy used office furniture, particularly from office furniture liquidators such as AMC Liquidators, you are doing your part to help sustain our environment by recycling. Essentially, you are cutting costs while keeping the furniture out of a landfill.

Benefits of Used Office Furniture

When you buy used office furniture there are certainly additional benefits besides the fact that you are likely to drastically cut costs when it comes to purchasing furnishings for your office. First of all, if your office is trying to “go green” and become one of the green companies on a rapidly growing list of businesses which are trying to make a difference, used office furniture from office furniture liquidators like AMC Liquidators can help you to meet your goal of LEED Certification by contributing to the number of credits you need according to the LEED rating system.

Secondly, when you buy used office furniture, you can save valuable time by getting your office up and running much more quickly. If you have ever ordered new office furniture from nearly any retailer, especially if it is a large order meant to furnish an entire office, it can take up to several weeks for delivery after you have made the order. On the other hand, if you look to office furniture liquidators that typically have a warehouse full of furniture on-site, you can pick out your merchandise and have it delivered sometimes as quickly as the next day in some cases.
When you make the decision to buy used office furniture, look to AMC Liquidators for all of your needs. We offer chairs, conference room tables, desks, file & storage cabinets, lobby furnishings and more. Be sure to check on our New Arrivals often! Deciding to go green is a big decision for businesses – we try to make it as easy as possible by offering used furniture for sale at great prices.