Sunday, March 15, 2009

Furnishing Your Rental Property

As the economy slows, you may be finding that you are having a difficult time renting out your investment properties. A good way to get renters in the door is to provide a fully furnished home. This provides added value and can be done on a shoe string budget if you look to furniture liquidators such as AMC Liquidators.

Furniture liquidators are great places to start when looking to furnish your seasonal or rental income properties. You won’t need to pay high prices for brand new furniture, because furniture liquidators have quality pre-owned furniture in excellent to like-new condition for less! Also, they tend to have brand new furniture which is received from furniture store closeouts. The prices of furniture from a furniture liquidator store are phenomenally lower than brand new retail store furniture. Sometimes it is as much as 90% percent off retail prices. You will save money by not having to ship or drive your furniture back and forth to each home you are living in, plus, you will reduce the amount of damage to the furniture that comes from moving location to location.

Keep in mind that your rental income properties can not only be rented more quickly, but you can actually command a higher rental amount with a fully furnished home as it allows your rental tenants to move right in without needing to go out and buy brand new furniture to furnish the home they are renting. It will increase the amount of rent you may ask to be compensated for and ultimately put more cash in your pocket each month. Basically, your new furniture will be paid off in this manner with no cost to you when it is all said and done. It’s a very attractive amenity to renters, and many are willing to pay more for this type of amenity because paying extra monthly is better than paying a lump sum amount right away to try and furnish a place that doesn’t belong to them in the first place.

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