Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Accent your life with accent chairs from AMC

Accent chairs used creatively in your living room or bedroom can amplify an ongoing design theme already in place, help soften your existing look, or they can create a separate area entirely within a room.

Enhance your theme

If your mission is to bring focus to a room’s design based on a single theme, whether casual or eclectic, accent chairs, when used properly can be the link that brings it all together. When most people think of a living room setting, they automatically think of a couch and/or loveseat, coffee table, and an end table or two. Throw in a bookcase and possibly an accent table, and many people feel the room is complete. Adding an accent chair with a similar design theme, can give the room a real ‘Wow’ effect. A chair chosen for this purpose should lean towards the stronger elements within the room. For example, if you’ve chosen a neutral tone for the wall color, but you have included a few colorful pieces, choose an accent chair in a tone that is going to strengthen your suggested color scheme.

Tone Down

Similar to the ideas suggested for enhancing the theme, the same principles can be used in reverse for toning down, or softening, a room’s look. If you have chosen to go with a color scheme of bright colors, introducing a pale, light colored accent chair will immediately soften the overall tone of the room. If the room consists of large-scale furniture, adding a small-scale accent chair, even though you’re adding furniture, will actually give the illusion of more space. An accent chair situated between two larger objects, with an amount of space around, will draw the eye to this barrier between the large-scaled objects. Illusion of space can go a long way!

A Room Within a Room

Creating a space within the living room that is actually a defined, separate area can be the most creative way to introduce an accent chair into a living room. Have you always dreamed of that perfect corner in the world, where you can peruse the paper at your leisure, or settle down to read, or write, a few pages of a novel? By placing an accent chair, offset from the room’s main grouping of furniture, you can create a useable destination space within the same walls.

Just be careful not to make some of the common mistakes many encounter when trying to create such a situation. For example, if you are creating a space for quiet pursuits, do not place it on the same side of the room as a busy entertainment center, or directly in the path of the entryway to an adjoining room, such as a kitchen. Do place it by a window for natural light if this is something you relish, or tucked into a corner for solitude. Then, make it useable! Choose a comfortable chair that beckons to be used, and accessories that will add use to the space, and not just use up space. A wicker basket for yarn or magazines and books will call to you much more than a plastic tote. A small side table with a chic, decorative lamp will make for a cozy, enjoyable read much more than an overflowing bookshelf jammed next to the chair and insufficient lighting.

Here are some great ideas to help you spruce up your new accent chair and make it a perfect fit for the look that you’re trying to create:
1) Use a luxurious throw to drape on the chair. Pick one that has a soft color or texture. There are some great cashmere look-a-likes out on the market that feel so soft to the touch. Try tucking a beautiful remnant of vintage fabric right into the back of the chair.

2) If the arms are wearing a little thin, think about sewing on suede elbow patches, the kind you would sew onto a man’s blazer. Some patches even come with an iron-on adhesive for the “sewing challenged”.

3) Think about using some luxurious fringe on the bottom of the chair, which can easily be applied with a staple or glue gun.

4) Finally, never underestimate the power of the pillow. One gorgeous silk or velvet pillow will give your chair a new lease on life.

Most importantly, when adding an accent chair to a living room setting, do not be afraid to experiment. Live with a setting for a few days. Give it time to work, and if it does not create exactly the tone, you were trying to achieve, try something else!

For great ideas and inspiration, head over to AMC Furniture Outlet. We just received an amazing assortment of chairs that will add personality and pizzazz to any room. If your current design just isn’t exciting enough, and it’s time for a change, stop by and let our design consultants help add some flair to your existing space.

For more info, call us at 954-735-2244 or stop by! We're on 3705 W. Commercial Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale, just east of 441.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Auction Tips - Survive an Auction Like a Pro!

While auctions can be intimidating for some, they can be a great source for purchasing quality goods and merchandise at a fraction of the original value and cost. If you're planning to attend one, familiarize yourself with these basics and before you know it, you'll be able to bid like a pro:

Preparation and Registration
1. You'll receive a catalog that lists items available at the auction. It'll include photographs, brief descriptions and estimated presale values.

2. Take note the lot numbers of items that interest you.

3. Inspect the items you're interested in before the auction. Presale viewings generally occur 2-3 days prior to the auction and are open to the public. Prospective buyers are encouraged to touch as well as view items.

4. Obtain a registration form/bidder card prior to the auction date. Registration usually requires at least one form of identification and a refundable cash deposit.

5. Carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions of Sale provided by the auctioneer. You will be asked to agree to the terms with your signature before you receive your bidder card.

Time to bid....
1. Hold on to your bidder card for the duration of the auction, it will serve as your receipt, and when you see an item of interest, you will expose it to the view of the auctioneer during the bidding process.

2. Open the bidding by raising your registration card to bid on a particular item when the auctioneer calls for an initial bid. If this is $1,000, you have just bid $1,000.

3. Listen to hear whether someone raises your bid. Bidding moves in standard increments, usually 10 percent of the initial price. If so, that bidder has raised the bid to $1,100.

4. Raise your bidder card again to bid $1,200.

5. Raise the bid by an increment different from the standard raise (called a "jump") by simply raising your bidder card and calling out your bid.

6. The auctioneer will ask for final bids as the bidding winds down.

7. Listen closely to how the auctioneer closes bidding and acknowledges the sale. He calls out the buyer's number and adds a description, such as: "Sold to number 35, the man in the third row in the red shirt and plaid trousers." This eliminates confusion about who bought an item.

Sounds like FUN, right?? Get some practice and score some great items at unbelievable prices while doing so. Join AMC Liquidators and auctioneer Paul May this Saturday, February 27 at 1:00pm as we kick off our new monthly auctions!

AMC Liquidators and Furniture Outlet
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Creative Lighting for Your Home

Creative lighting can really make a difference in the ambience of your home or office environment. Believe it or not, this is one of the easiest and most cost-effective improvements you can make. All it takes is a little inspiration, a few easy ideas, and a quick trip to AMC Furniture Outlet. Your new lighting project can be completed in a day!

Know the Rules of Home Lighting
The first step in this project is to consider the types of lighting that go best in different parts of your home. In general, the latest trends are moving away from the all-consuming light source on the ceiling to lighting that is softer and illuminating from a variety of different sources in the room. Lamps will certainly fall into this category, as will track lighting. Both of these options will create a more inviting living space for you and your guests.

Lighting Placement is Everything
Even out the glow by placing floor or table lamps in the corners of the room. Use decorative lamps as a complement to track lighting. A string of track lights near the outside of your ceiling, paired with a dim floor lamp, will not only soften the lighting in the room but is useful for highlighting artwork and pictures. Place a tall floor lamp next to a favorite piece or furniture or nice rug to highlight the piece.

Home Lighting from the Bottom Up
One of the more creative ways you can light your home is by placing illumination lamps on the floor and let the light filter up. This is especially effective if the lamps are placed behind a chair or sofa. The presence of light with the absence of its source will create an inviting effect.

AMC Furniture Outlet has a huge selection of floor and table lamps to choose from and they're on sale now! All table lamps are just $19 and floor lamps are $59. Stop by our showroom and see what's new!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Enhance Your Interior with Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors is a great way to bring style to any room. A well placed, stylish mirror can increase the brightness in a room and make a smaller space appear larger. Mirrors come in so many great shapes and sizes and can beautifully compliment virtually any décor from the most traditional to ultra modern. Here are some tips to help you select mirrors that will make the most impact on your space.

1. Lighter and Brighter

In addition to providing an alternative to more typical wall art, mirrors add light to any room.

When little to no natural lighting is available, a well-placed mirror can make your room look brighter. If you do have a window that offers good light, capitalize on that and place a large mirror on the wall opposite that window. This will cause the mirror to reflect that light.

If there is no window, simply place a brightly burning lamp on the mantle or on a shelf directly in front of the mirror. As it does with natural light from a window, the mirror will reflect the light.

2. Think Big

When selecting a mirror for your room, bigger is better! The bigger the mirror, the more light it can reflect. Careful placement of large mirrors can not only increase the brightness of a room, but can also make the room look much larger. Try hanging identical mirrors on either side of a window or fireplace to maximize this effect.

3. A Focal Point

Think like a professional interior designer! Large mirrors provide the room with a focal point, and will help to anchor all of the other decorative elements of the room.

When choosing a mirror that is intended to be a focal point, you will want to be sure that the frame complements rather than overpowers the other elements in the room.

Also, be sure that the style of the frame and the shape of the mirror blend in well with the décor.

4. Flaws? What flaws??

If there are cracks or other blemishes on your walls that you can't repair, try hanging a mirror over the offending spot. While perhaps not a permanent solution, a mirror will assist in beautifully hiding the imperfections of the room. What they don't know won't hurt them!

5. Make a Bold Statement

A mirrors can make a huge statement about your individual style. Whether you choose a traditional looking wood-framed mirror, or an ultra hip round or metal framed mirror, you can use this decorating feature to help bring your style dreams to reality.

You don't have to spend a fortune to get the look you want. AMC Furniture Outlet has a great selection of mirrors to fit just about every style and can help you accomplish a rich look on a budget.

AMC has some amazing mirror choices on sale now! Stop by our showroom to check it out!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Decorating with Silk Plants

Is your home or workspace screaming for some color or a facelift but your budget is tight or lacking? Sometimes a bit of greenery can be a beautiful alternative. Silk plants can supply a lovely new visual treat at a very small cost compared to other choices such as a home make-over or painting. Locating near a window to capture sunrays or setting off with indoor spotlighting will bring rave reviews. Adding silk plants to your existing home decor can bring a wonderful tropical appeal. We just added tons of silk plants to our inventory. Stop by and see what's new!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Quick Mattress Facts from AMC Liquidators

Replacing your mattress every 5 – 7 years ensures your mattress is providing you with the best support, as this is the normal lifespan for most mattresses.

The most common type of mattress is an Inner Spring Mattress which uses the support of tempered steel coils in a variety of configurations. Layers of upholstery provide insulation and cushioning between your body and the spring unit. The different configurations results in a wide variety of choices in comfort and support.

A good box spring is just as important as a quality mattress. You should never put a new mattress on an old box spring. When you select your new mattress, you should also purchase its companion box spring as they are designed to work best when used together. In some cases, buying the mattress without its matching box spring may affect the terms of the warranty.

Do not remove your mattress tag! Contrary to popular belief, it's not illegal to remove the law tag, but the information on the label will serve as a means of identification should you have a warranty claim.

You should rotate your mattress occasionally to help maintain and prolong the quality/comfort of your mattress. Body impressions are caused by upholstery material compressions and are normal characteristics of premium bedding. Such body impressions indicate that the upholstery layers in your mattress are conforming to your individual body shape. Body impressions up to 1-1/2" are not considered to be a structural defect.

According to one survey, the average consumer expects to pay $1,000.00 for a queen size sleep set. The average consumer ends up paying $600.00 when they leave the store. At AMC Liquidators we have Queen Mattress Sets starting for just $249!!!

Fun/Interesting Mattress Facts

The expression "sleep tight" comes from the 16th and 17th centuries when mattresses were placed on top of ropes that needed regular tightening.

The Wall Street Journal reported on February 18, 2000: "The average mattress will double its weight in ten years as a result of being filled with dust mites and their detritus."

Ohio State University experts report that a typical used mattress may have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites inside it.

Is it time to change your mattress?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How To Choose A Mattress

How do you choose the right mattress for your specific needs? It’s not an easy question to answer if you are not an expert on mattresses! We’ve all seen those TV commercials for Serta with the ‘Sleep Number Beds’ or even just come across print ads on holiday weekends for a variety of mattress brands at a local mattress retailer. While a sale price is great – you should not choose a mattress based solely on price. The most expensive mattress may not always be the best mattress for your needs and the ones on sale may not be right for your needs either! You should look at criteria including size, support, quality, firmness, and types of materials used.

Probably the most important thing to look for in a mattress is softness or firmness to ensure the support matches your needs. Try out each mattress in the store by lying down on them! Though it can be difficult to find the right mattress for a couple who has different needs, most can find a compromise with all of the choices there are on the market. In extreme situations for couples who can not agree on the same mattress, there are mattresses that offer options in adjustability for a more personalized purchase. If you are not getting the support you need while you sleep – your mattress is basically useless. It is best to do your research and shop around before making your final decision.

As a buyer, you must also consider the size of the mattress. If you are a single person, you can consider a twin size or even a full size if you need more room. A couple will usually choose a queen or a king mattress, but will sometimes choose a full size if it is a good fit with the right features. When we sleep, we all have different needs and wants when it comes to the size of our mattress. In general, wider or larger people will do better with a queen mattress or maybe even a king if extra room is a desired feature. It is even quite common for most couples to begin with a full size mattress and eventually upgrade to a queen mattress. You will want to take into consideration things such as a restless sleeper as they may need a larger mattress size in order to accommodate both people comfortably.

And because everyone is not rich, the cost of a mattress is worth mentioning. The features of your mattress are important, but it is important to get a good deal, too. The most reliable way to know if you're spending the right amount of money on your mattress is to compare prices at local retailers for the type of mattress you want.

Obviously, the quality of your mattress is very important. The higher the quality, the longer your mattress will last. You may sometimes need to compromise on quality when money is tight, but keep in mind that a lower quality mattress does wear out more quickly and you will need to replace it more quickly. Of course, this may not be your only option! Check for mattress closeouts and liquidations in your area, as you may be able to score a great mattress for a super low price. Right now, AMC Liquidators is holding a closeout event on mattresses including twin, full, and queen sized mattresses. Get all the info and pricing online at AMC Liquidators website to get your new mattress!