Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Accent your life with accent chairs from AMC

Accent chairs used creatively in your living room or bedroom can amplify an ongoing design theme already in place, help soften your existing look, or they can create a separate area entirely within a room.

Enhance your theme

If your mission is to bring focus to a room’s design based on a single theme, whether casual or eclectic, accent chairs, when used properly can be the link that brings it all together. When most people think of a living room setting, they automatically think of a couch and/or loveseat, coffee table, and an end table or two. Throw in a bookcase and possibly an accent table, and many people feel the room is complete. Adding an accent chair with a similar design theme, can give the room a real ‘Wow’ effect. A chair chosen for this purpose should lean towards the stronger elements within the room. For example, if you’ve chosen a neutral tone for the wall color, but you have included a few colorful pieces, choose an accent chair in a tone that is going to strengthen your suggested color scheme.

Tone Down

Similar to the ideas suggested for enhancing the theme, the same principles can be used in reverse for toning down, or softening, a room’s look. If you have chosen to go with a color scheme of bright colors, introducing a pale, light colored accent chair will immediately soften the overall tone of the room. If the room consists of large-scale furniture, adding a small-scale accent chair, even though you’re adding furniture, will actually give the illusion of more space. An accent chair situated between two larger objects, with an amount of space around, will draw the eye to this barrier between the large-scaled objects. Illusion of space can go a long way!

A Room Within a Room

Creating a space within the living room that is actually a defined, separate area can be the most creative way to introduce an accent chair into a living room. Have you always dreamed of that perfect corner in the world, where you can peruse the paper at your leisure, or settle down to read, or write, a few pages of a novel? By placing an accent chair, offset from the room’s main grouping of furniture, you can create a useable destination space within the same walls.

Just be careful not to make some of the common mistakes many encounter when trying to create such a situation. For example, if you are creating a space for quiet pursuits, do not place it on the same side of the room as a busy entertainment center, or directly in the path of the entryway to an adjoining room, such as a kitchen. Do place it by a window for natural light if this is something you relish, or tucked into a corner for solitude. Then, make it useable! Choose a comfortable chair that beckons to be used, and accessories that will add use to the space, and not just use up space. A wicker basket for yarn or magazines and books will call to you much more than a plastic tote. A small side table with a chic, decorative lamp will make for a cozy, enjoyable read much more than an overflowing bookshelf jammed next to the chair and insufficient lighting.

Here are some great ideas to help you spruce up your new accent chair and make it a perfect fit for the look that you’re trying to create:
1) Use a luxurious throw to drape on the chair. Pick one that has a soft color or texture. There are some great cashmere look-a-likes out on the market that feel so soft to the touch. Try tucking a beautiful remnant of vintage fabric right into the back of the chair.

2) If the arms are wearing a little thin, think about sewing on suede elbow patches, the kind you would sew onto a man’s blazer. Some patches even come with an iron-on adhesive for the “sewing challenged”.

3) Think about using some luxurious fringe on the bottom of the chair, which can easily be applied with a staple or glue gun.

4) Finally, never underestimate the power of the pillow. One gorgeous silk or velvet pillow will give your chair a new lease on life.

Most importantly, when adding an accent chair to a living room setting, do not be afraid to experiment. Live with a setting for a few days. Give it time to work, and if it does not create exactly the tone, you were trying to achieve, try something else!

For great ideas and inspiration, head over to AMC Furniture Outlet. We just received an amazing assortment of chairs that will add personality and pizzazz to any room. If your current design just isn’t exciting enough, and it’s time for a change, stop by and let our design consultants help add some flair to your existing space.

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