Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Give Your Office A Makeover – AMC Liquidators Now Offers Custom Furniture Restoration

After awhile, it is inevitable that your office furniture will begin to look old and worn. After all, it is being used by your office personnel for eight to ten hours per day. Your office furniture may have even sustained damages from accidents that occurred while moving to a new location. Office furniture is certainly not cheap – so when your office furniture starts to look tattered and worn or if it happens to get damaged, buying all new furniture may not even be an option if it isn’t in your budget. Fortunately, you always have options.

Furniture restoration and furniture repair is now a service which is proudly being offered by AMC Liquidators. We have done this type of work for years on the furniture pieces we sell in our showrooms. Due to a high demand for these types of services, we are now offering custom furniture restoration and refurbishing to our clients, too.

AMC Liquidators & Furniture Restoration Services can give your office furniture a complete makeover and have your work space looking like new again. Our custom furniture restoration team is experienced and fully equipped to refurbish antiques, make spot repairs, and take care of any precision repairs of wood or laminate furniture surfaces as well as refinishing, polishing, and color matching.

Contact AMC Liquidators & Furniture Restoration Services today for a FREE Quote for a custom furniture restoration for your office furniture.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Design on a Dime – Furnish Your Home or Office for Less!

Buying quality pre-owned furniture is a great way of obtaining furnishings for your home immediately when you have a need for furnishing any room in your home. You may wish to use a furniture liquidator for these purposes, especially when you are in a temporary living arrangement, a brand new office space, or even if you are moving into an empty home and you have a tight budget. Any number of reasons is perfect for buying quality pre-owned furniture and it is a growing trend. Some people are simply not aware that pre-owned furniture stores and liquidation businesses even exist or are open to the public, but this growing trend offers several benefits including the ability to stage your home or to give your office a makeover on a shoestring budget. Home staging turns a regular house into a model home. Homes that are professionally staged with modern furniture generally net a considerable profit over the cost of the used furniture so it turns out to be well worth the price, even in you are not living in the property you are trying to sell.

You don’t always have to purchase new furniture with a high price tag for your space to look great. Especially when it comes to selling your home, old furnishings that you have purchased throughout the years often look dated and not at all stylish. Stylish furniture which can be picked up from a furniture liquidator such as AMC Liquidators can be used to stage a room to give potential buyers a sense of what each room can be used for. They offer quality pre-owned furniture, as well as closeouts of brand new furniture for very low prices. Lovely new furnishings can create a more contemporary atmosphere which creates a professional and upscale look to any property. This sort of atmosphere will ensure your guests (or potential buyers) feel comfortable and at ease. With the convenience and availability of furniture liquidators in your area, modern furniture designs that complement your living or office space can be purchased at a very affordable price.

You may be surprised to find out that purchasing used furniture for a home or office can be a very cost-effective option. As we are all trying to find ways to save money and yet accomplish everything that we need to, buying used furniture from furniture liquidators allows you to minimize your furniture budget by maximizing your money. Reasonable prices up to 90% off retail along with a continuously updated selection from furniture liquidators get you started on making the most of your furniture budget by providing fully furnished rooms for a very low price in comparison to buying new furniture for your rooms. Even for short or temporary stays, used furniture is much more economical and is much less of a hassle than shipping your own furniture back and forth to wherever you need to be. Especially for longer or permanent situations, buying quality pre-owned furniture is an ideal option. Furniture liquidators like AMC Liquidators allow you to quickly furnish any empty property, either home or office, or even to achieve a complete home or office makeover as you replace existing furniture. Furniture liquidators provide very quick delivery, as usually they keep their pieces in stock on site for immediate release to customers.

AMC Liquidators is a leading furniture liquidator in South Florida which can help you to reach your desired concept of interior design for any space. Increasing the attractiveness of your marketed home or creating a professional office atmosphere are just some of the results of buying used furniture from AMC Liquidators. By working together with AMC Liquidators, a new, more modern environment can be made out of any home or office. Visit AMC Liquidators online at: http://www.AMCLiquidators.com/

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

5 Tips For Home Staging To Get Your Home Sold!

5 Tips For Home Staging To Get Your Home Sold!

We all keep hearing about how the real estate market is not what it used to be and how difficult it can be to get a home sold these days. When you don’t have a choice however, and you need to get your home sold, it is essential to do all you can to make your home stand out from all of the other inventory in your local market – and to get a good price for it! One strategy that has been proven to work time and time again is Home Staging.

Although there are professional home stagers that you could hire to help, it isn’t always necessary. It is fairly simple to stage your home yourself with these easy do-it-yourself home staging tips and ideas. The main goal is to make inexpensive changes that appeal to the masses of home buyers. Have fun!

Tip # 1 – Get Rid of Clutter

As home buyers walk through your home, don’t let their judgment be clouded by your clutter. Get organized and put things away – and get rid of things you know you don’t need. You want to show your home as spacious as possible and highlight the available storage by putting it to good use. If you have clutter and unnecessary pieces of furniture in your rooms, buyers will have a harder time picturing their own furniture in those spaces. If you are not willing to part with your things, AMC Liquidators offers plenty of furniture options for storage such as cabinets and armoires.

Tip # 2 – Put on a Fresh Coat of Paint

Whether you have kept all of your walls white or painted colors to suit your own tastes, this is not what appeals to the majority of home buyers. Choose light neutral paint colors for living spaces such as beige, taupe, or grey which will add warmth and style. A toned-down neutral green or blue is said to work well for bathrooms. According to real estate experts, this very inexpensive project is a proven crowd pleaser.

Tip # 3 – Take the Time to Make Repairs

Things that are in need of repair throughout your home should not be overlooked when you want to sell your home. Even items that seem very small to you may turn off potential buyers because making repairs after purchasing a home is not only a hassle but it costs money. Take the time to replace missing pieces of baseboard, fix or replace broken door knobs, replace broken light switches, etc. This extra step goes a long way in leaving a good impression on a potential buyers as you show your home.

Tip # 4 – Replace Outdated Light Fixtures

This tip is an easy way to instantly update the look of a room without a high price tag. If you have had the same light fixtures since you moved in to your home, this is a sure sign that they are likely outdated. Take a trip to AMC Liquidators or even your local hardware store and look for modern light fixtures that may be on sale or on clearance to give your room a new style.

Tip # 5 – Replace Old Furnishings

When it comes to home staging, this is a very important detail you do not want to leave out. Home buyers need to see the potential that homes on the market have in order to picture themselves living in them. Yes – new furniture can be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be! Look to furniture liquidators such as AMC Liquidators to purchase modern, stylish furniture at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay at a furniture retailer. Furniture liquidators are a great place to find eclectic furnishings that work well together for a new design in just about any space.