Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Give Your Office A Makeover – AMC Liquidators Now Offers Custom Furniture Restoration

After awhile, it is inevitable that your office furniture will begin to look old and worn. After all, it is being used by your office personnel for eight to ten hours per day. Your office furniture may have even sustained damages from accidents that occurred while moving to a new location. Office furniture is certainly not cheap – so when your office furniture starts to look tattered and worn or if it happens to get damaged, buying all new furniture may not even be an option if it isn’t in your budget. Fortunately, you always have options.

Furniture restoration and furniture repair is now a service which is proudly being offered by AMC Liquidators. We have done this type of work for years on the furniture pieces we sell in our showrooms. Due to a high demand for these types of services, we are now offering custom furniture restoration and refurbishing to our clients, too.

AMC Liquidators & Furniture Restoration Services can give your office furniture a complete makeover and have your work space looking like new again. Our custom furniture restoration team is experienced and fully equipped to refurbish antiques, make spot repairs, and take care of any precision repairs of wood or laminate furniture surfaces as well as refinishing, polishing, and color matching.

Contact AMC Liquidators & Furniture Restoration Services today for a FREE Quote for a custom furniture restoration for your office furniture.