Monday, March 30, 2009

AMC Liquidators Now Offers Furniture Restoration and Repair Services March 30, 2009 -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

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AMC Liquidators Now Offers Furniture Restoration and Repair Services

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – March 31, 2009 – AMC Liquidators, the premier South Florida furniture liquidation company for businesses, hotels and health care facilities, has expanded its business operations to include custom furniture restoration and furniture repair. As a service that has been done internally for many years, AMC intends to use its expertise in furniture restoration to help customers bring new life to old furniture pieces.

As the only furniture liquidator in the South Florida region to deal in quality pre-owned furniture as well as closeouts of new furniture items, AMC is in the perfect position to offer these new services to its customer base. Furniture restoration and repair is a great way to save money in comparison to purchasing new furniture and it is an environmentally friendly practice that is becoming more popular among businesses and individuals nationwide. Mike Grimme, CEO of AMC Liquidators states: “We’ve been restoring furniture for ourselves for years. Now we are providing the service for our customers who are looking to stretch their dollars and to be environmentally friendly. They are coming to us to provide the service because they know that we are passionate about doing things right and hitting our deadlines.”

These services include restoring a once beautiful finish, color matching to an existing furniture set, replacement of missing or broken parts, the repair or replacement of worn upholstery, refinishing surfaces with a more modern look, the addition of decorative and custom details, the restoration of antique finishes, and more. The original beauty and functionality of your old furniture pieces can be reclaimed and AMC Furniture Restoration Services is the best choice to get the job done right for an affordable price.

AMC Liquidators is well-known in the liquidation business as a company that focuses on hotel liquidations, asset recoveries, salvage operations, office furniture liquidation and removal of excess inventory. The company’s retail locations offer upscale furniture and home accessories purchased from major manufacturers, hotels, businesses and designers. Furniture and accessories from many of the largest names in the hospitality industry and goods from high-end furniture manufacturers are sold at deeply discounted prices.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Restoring Your Furniture with Creative Painting

Over the years, you may have accumulated several different pieces of furniture. You may have received a few pieces here and there from family members, some from the few garage sales or yard sales you visited, and maybe even some cheap pieces that you bought when you got your first place after moving from your parents’ home. Obviously, this furniture is completely mismatched, and instead of throwing it out or leaving it by the curb for neighborhood treasure hunters to get a hold of, why not try having it painted to match?

By having a professional team handle your furniture restoration, you will not only be saving money by renewing what you already have instead of buying new, but you will also be doing your part in taking care of the environment and doing something “green” by not creating more garbage. When we mention painting your furniture, we are not speaking of staining. There are very beautiful painting techniques that can be used so that the paint and the designs created are matched perfectly from one piece of furniture to the next. The design is your choice and decision as is the color you would like to paint the pieces of furniture. Decoupage can be done to add a floral pattern if you’d prefer. Also, a design to match the molding on the modern pieces you already have can be added to the mismatched pieces. You will be thrilled to see the difference this can make! There are so many different techniques that can be used to paint your wood furniture. Our special team uses rubber stamps, pigment inks, embossing powders, watercolors, paper, sandpaper, decoupage glue, decoupage varnish, tack cloth, embossing heat tools, and wood paints all to embellish and brighten your furniture.

AMC Furniture Outlet has recently added this service, and we have hired a team of professionals to take care of your furniture painting needs. These individuals are eager to customize the painting designs of your choice. They have a complete portfolio of ideas to accommodate you with to give you an idea of the vast array of art they can perform. If you want your pieces to have a luscious lacquer finish, a beautiful design, and last for many more years to come, then call us for more information about this added service. Look at the pictures below as an example of furniture that has been painted to match! You can contact us directly at 888-762-7060 or via our website. Remember, you are doing your wallet and the earth a big favor, not to mention giving your home a newer, warmer feeling!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Furnishing Your Rental Property

As the economy slows, you may be finding that you are having a difficult time renting out your investment properties. A good way to get renters in the door is to provide a fully furnished home. This provides added value and can be done on a shoe string budget if you look to furniture liquidators such as AMC Liquidators.

Furniture liquidators are great places to start when looking to furnish your seasonal or rental income properties. You won’t need to pay high prices for brand new furniture, because furniture liquidators have quality pre-owned furniture in excellent to like-new condition for less! Also, they tend to have brand new furniture which is received from furniture store closeouts. The prices of furniture from a furniture liquidator store are phenomenally lower than brand new retail store furniture. Sometimes it is as much as 90% percent off retail prices. You will save money by not having to ship or drive your furniture back and forth to each home you are living in, plus, you will reduce the amount of damage to the furniture that comes from moving location to location.

Keep in mind that your rental income properties can not only be rented more quickly, but you can actually command a higher rental amount with a fully furnished home as it allows your rental tenants to move right in without needing to go out and buy brand new furniture to furnish the home they are renting. It will increase the amount of rent you may ask to be compensated for and ultimately put more cash in your pocket each month. Basically, your new furniture will be paid off in this manner with no cost to you when it is all said and done. It’s a very attractive amenity to renters, and many are willing to pay more for this type of amenity because paying extra monthly is better than paying a lump sum amount right away to try and furnish a place that doesn’t belong to them in the first place.

To see all of the new furniture liquidation arrivals, visit AMC Liquidators now!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Benefits of Furniture Restoration and Refinishing for Home or Office

If you are furniture shopping and spending tons of time browsing advertisements for an upcoming sale or if find yourself searching store after store for furniture that fits your style – you could be wasting your time. Instead, you may want to think about what you could do with the furniture you still have at your home or office. Is it still viable furniture that is in decent condition with just a bit of wear and tear? If it is, then maybe you should think about either restoring or refinishing your existing home or office furniture. Furniture from the average, run-of-the-mill retailer is over priced and most of the time the furniture is imported and made from cheap materials such as flimsy particle or press board. These types of materials tend to get ruined easily and are typically not made to last for very long. Good quality furniture is made up of materials such as good solid woods like pine, cherry, or oak. Also, quality furniture is put together with solid nails, and not cheap replacements such as plastic anchors and drawer pulls that some furniture is being made with today.

When you decide to renew some of your well-made furniture with restoration or refinishing techniques, you are not only saving money, but you can create a whole new style. Before deciding to restore your furniture, you just need to first evaluate the pieces to ensure you are making the right decision. You should determine the age of each piece, the value of it, and what kind of finish or restoration is needed. Simple refinishing techniques or very detailed, extensive restoration can be performed depending on what is needed to make the pieces look new again.

Remember, restoring and refinishing is much more cost effective than buying new furniture. It is also better for the environment. When you decide on recycling your old furniture, be sure to choose a company that has years of experience and a professional staff such as AMC Furniture Restoration Services. Our experts can help you determine which services would be best for the type of furniture you are bringing in and can even color match if you have decided on a whole new style to match with your other house or office furniture. AMC Furniture Restoration services can also refurbish antique furniture and repair your wood furniture back to its original beauty.

If you are considering furniture restoration and refinishing for your home or office furniture, contact AMC Furniture Restoration Services today for a FREE QUOTE!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Benefits of a Quality Desk Chair

Many employees in corporate America are stuck at their desks at least six to seven hours out of their eight hour work days. Multiply that by a five day work week, and you’ve got yourself a monthly trip to the chiropractor. Companies are cutting costs where they can when it comes to the furniture they purchase to furnish the offices for their operations. In the end, the employees may suffer from various problems from sitting in uncomfortable chairs throughout the day. Many of them end up with problems such as strains in their backs, necks, or shoulders. However, there are ways that you can counter the effects of sitting in an uncomfortable chair, and creating a more comfortable and productive environment for your employees.

Companies can begin to purchase quality desk chairs with ergonomic features. These quality desk chairs were created to not only be comfortable, but also allow you to sit with the correct posture, and maintain it, so as not to strain your back, neck, or shoulders. Quality desk chairs, with ergonomic designs, will eliminate tension headaches, spinal strains, lower back pain, knee pains, sore joints, and various other ailments that are the result of sitting in a chair that was not designed to be used for all day purposes. It’s important to keep your employees at work and on the job without needing to send them home for ailments that could have been prevented by using an ergonomically designed chair. Chiropractors recommend the use of these chairs, if you are sitting on a daily basis for extended periods of time.

AMC Liquidators Office Furniture Outlet has plenty of quality desk chairs in stock, and we can assist you in furnishing your business with these desk chairs at affordable prices. We understand the costs involved with furnishing your office space, and we are happy to bring you cost-effective solutions through quality pre-owned office furniture and closeouts on new merchandise. Our company also knows that quality desk chairs, with ergonomic designs, are a bit more costly than a regular chair. However, we also know that the medical costs as the result of sitting in poor quality chairs, and the costs of your company not having the employee at work when you need them, far outweighs the costs of these quality desk chairs. We can help you stay within budget, and your employees will be comfortable, happy, and more productive each day.

You may be surprised to find out that a poor quality desk chair from a retail store can cost the same or more than a quality pre-owned desk chair or brand name closeout item from AMC Liquidators. Visit AMC Liquidators online today for quality desk chairs and other office furniture for your business!