Monday, March 30, 2009

AMC Liquidators Now Offers Furniture Restoration and Repair Services March 30, 2009 -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

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AMC Liquidators Now Offers Furniture Restoration and Repair Services

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – March 31, 2009 – AMC Liquidators, the premier South Florida furniture liquidation company for businesses, hotels and health care facilities, has expanded its business operations to include custom furniture restoration and furniture repair. As a service that has been done internally for many years, AMC intends to use its expertise in furniture restoration to help customers bring new life to old furniture pieces.

As the only furniture liquidator in the South Florida region to deal in quality pre-owned furniture as well as closeouts of new furniture items, AMC is in the perfect position to offer these new services to its customer base. Furniture restoration and repair is a great way to save money in comparison to purchasing new furniture and it is an environmentally friendly practice that is becoming more popular among businesses and individuals nationwide. Mike Grimme, CEO of AMC Liquidators states: “We’ve been restoring furniture for ourselves for years. Now we are providing the service for our customers who are looking to stretch their dollars and to be environmentally friendly. They are coming to us to provide the service because they know that we are passionate about doing things right and hitting our deadlines.”

These services include restoring a once beautiful finish, color matching to an existing furniture set, replacement of missing or broken parts, the repair or replacement of worn upholstery, refinishing surfaces with a more modern look, the addition of decorative and custom details, the restoration of antique finishes, and more. The original beauty and functionality of your old furniture pieces can be reclaimed and AMC Furniture Restoration Services is the best choice to get the job done right for an affordable price.

AMC Liquidators is well-known in the liquidation business as a company that focuses on hotel liquidations, asset recoveries, salvage operations, office furniture liquidation and removal of excess inventory. The company’s retail locations offer upscale furniture and home accessories purchased from major manufacturers, hotels, businesses and designers. Furniture and accessories from many of the largest names in the hospitality industry and goods from high-end furniture manufacturers are sold at deeply discounted prices.

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