Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Benefits of Furniture Restoration and Refinishing for Home or Office

If you are furniture shopping and spending tons of time browsing advertisements for an upcoming sale or if find yourself searching store after store for furniture that fits your style – you could be wasting your time. Instead, you may want to think about what you could do with the furniture you still have at your home or office. Is it still viable furniture that is in decent condition with just a bit of wear and tear? If it is, then maybe you should think about either restoring or refinishing your existing home or office furniture. Furniture from the average, run-of-the-mill retailer is over priced and most of the time the furniture is imported and made from cheap materials such as flimsy particle or press board. These types of materials tend to get ruined easily and are typically not made to last for very long. Good quality furniture is made up of materials such as good solid woods like pine, cherry, or oak. Also, quality furniture is put together with solid nails, and not cheap replacements such as plastic anchors and drawer pulls that some furniture is being made with today.

When you decide to renew some of your well-made furniture with restoration or refinishing techniques, you are not only saving money, but you can create a whole new style. Before deciding to restore your furniture, you just need to first evaluate the pieces to ensure you are making the right decision. You should determine the age of each piece, the value of it, and what kind of finish or restoration is needed. Simple refinishing techniques or very detailed, extensive restoration can be performed depending on what is needed to make the pieces look new again.

Remember, restoring and refinishing is much more cost effective than buying new furniture. It is also better for the environment. When you decide on recycling your old furniture, be sure to choose a company that has years of experience and a professional staff such as AMC Furniture Restoration Services. Our experts can help you determine which services would be best for the type of furniture you are bringing in and can even color match if you have decided on a whole new style to match with your other house or office furniture. AMC Furniture Restoration services can also refurbish antique furniture and repair your wood furniture back to its original beauty.

If you are considering furniture restoration and refinishing for your home or office furniture, contact AMC Furniture Restoration Services today for a FREE QUOTE!


Anonymous said...

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