Monday, February 8, 2010

Creative Lighting for Your Home

Creative lighting can really make a difference in the ambience of your home or office environment. Believe it or not, this is one of the easiest and most cost-effective improvements you can make. All it takes is a little inspiration, a few easy ideas, and a quick trip to AMC Furniture Outlet. Your new lighting project can be completed in a day!

Know the Rules of Home Lighting
The first step in this project is to consider the types of lighting that go best in different parts of your home. In general, the latest trends are moving away from the all-consuming light source on the ceiling to lighting that is softer and illuminating from a variety of different sources in the room. Lamps will certainly fall into this category, as will track lighting. Both of these options will create a more inviting living space for you and your guests.

Lighting Placement is Everything
Even out the glow by placing floor or table lamps in the corners of the room. Use decorative lamps as a complement to track lighting. A string of track lights near the outside of your ceiling, paired with a dim floor lamp, will not only soften the lighting in the room but is useful for highlighting artwork and pictures. Place a tall floor lamp next to a favorite piece or furniture or nice rug to highlight the piece.

Home Lighting from the Bottom Up
One of the more creative ways you can light your home is by placing illumination lamps on the floor and let the light filter up. This is especially effective if the lamps are placed behind a chair or sofa. The presence of light with the absence of its source will create an inviting effect.

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