Thursday, June 12, 2008

SOLD! Pre-Owned Pik-Quik Machine

Make: Chicago
Model: Pik-Quik Laundry Seperator
Condition: Pre-owned
Serial Number: 50654 9/02
Price: $25,000

Pik-Quik is a unique and rugged compact unit that automatically separates tangled laundry loads and presents separated items directly to feeding/ironing equipment operators. Work loads can be separated from laundry carts or conveyors which feed extracted, partially conditioned, or dried work to Pik-Quik. Linen can also be separated directly from pressed "cakes" processed by a water extraction press, thereby eliminating the tumbler operation.

Separated linen is discharged from Pik-Quik's rear chute or optional rapid exit conveyor to a locally supplied table, cart, or distribution conveyor. Pik-Quik's flexible and compact separating platform can be adapted to fit into any laundry, regardless of size. Streamlined linen flow, swift investment payback, and the improvement of working conditions through elimination of one of a laundry's toughest jobs make Pik-Quik a valuable performer in any high production facility.
This item is now sold - Thanks!

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