Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tips to help save you money when redecorating or buying furniture

Tips received from AMC Liquidators, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  1. Furniture liquidators have retail showrooms to sell items bought on liquidations. These items are close-out inventories or excess furnishings retail store’s sell when new models come in. The value of the inventory remains the same but is offered at prices far below original retail.
  2. When decorating your office on a budget you may want to consider using both new and pre-owned furniture. Liquidators are a great source that helps you match pre-owned products with new items to save you money.
  3. Have you ever stayed at an upscale 4 or 5 star resort? Wonder where all the nice furniture goes after the hotel looks to redecorate? Well they are called liquidators and they buy and resell items from some of the nicest hotels around the world. Entire bedroom sets are usually sold for what a retail bed would cost you.
  4. Consignment stores are perfect places to shop to find one of a kind pieces or treasures to decorate your home. Items in consignment stores are usually in great condition and offer the consumer alternate options when on budget.
  5. Consignments stores are also places to consider when selling your furnishings in order to redecorate or remodel your home. These stores spend their marketing dollars to sell your items for you.
  6. Liquidator showrooms and consignment stores have items that are already assembled. This saves you time and money on having it built for you.
  7. Most furniture retailers and resellers offer discounts online for you to present when coming into their showrooms. Take advantage of these discounts for it could save you hundreds.
  8. Why Settle? With prices on the rise you may consider furniture dealers that offer financing. You can look to pay nothing for the first year sometimes or they can help you pay in equal month installments, so you leave with what you wanted.
  9. High end quality furniture with a designer name helps retain value in your furniture. If you are considering holding on to your furniture as a short time commitment you may want to consider high end designer close outs as a method to invest in. When selling your pre-owned designer furniture you can look to receive double or triple what you would normally be offered.
  10. Recent surveys dictate that homes for sale that are staged with furniture have a higher success rate in selling faster and for a higher value.

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