Friday, December 14, 2007

AMC Gives back to Ft. Lauderdale Charities

AMC Liquidators new and pre-owned furniture store located in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida is giving back to the community this holiday season by offering non-profits and business charities the oppurtunity at buy toys at thier cost of .25C on the dollar. They are welcoming any business charity or non-profits to come into their Ft. Lauderdale store to pick from the vast selection of Childrens toys made by A Learning Express. AMC would like to give each charity dollar a boost this holiday season by making each one of their dollar worth 400x more.

Current Participating Charities:
Boys & Girls Club Fort Lauderdale, St. Thomas Aquanis,
St. Marks, Fort Lauderdale Hospice Center

To Find out more about what AMC Liquidators in offering non-profits or Business Charities call 954-735-2244 or email them at
Offer good till the end of 2007!

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